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Hardwood Baseboard and Stairway in Los Angeles

Here at Melvin’s Hardwood Floor’s located in Los Angeles, we offer the highest quality on a variety of wood type and colors to install your baseboard and stairway with. Hardwood is the best quality material due to its durability, classic, and elegant look.

We would advise you to use hardwood for your stairway as they are used more often in the house so a strong material such as wood would be a great choice. Hardwood baseboards would make your stairs look complete and elegant. When buying baseboards, be aware that they come in different designs. Since your stairs are made of wood, you need to get baseboards that match the shape of your stairs. The design of the house should also be put into consideration. It is wise to take the right measurements to avoid disappointments. Measure the length of your stairs so you know what the exact size and amount to purchase. Add some leeway to give room for correction. In most cases, 10% is recommended.

Tips to Maintain Your Hardwood Stairs and Baseboard

Since baseboards are very close to the floor, we advise you to dust them with a dry cloth. If you do use water or a damp cloth, be sure to completely dry off the area.

CALL US TODAY! Here are the benefits of hiring Melvin’s Hardwood Floors to install your Baseboard and Stairwell:

  • We have professionals who are well versed with baseboards and stair services to ensure that they are installed to your satisfaction.
  • We ensure that the baseboards are shaped according to the steepness of the stairs to ensure longevity and durability.
  • Our team of experts advise you on the best kind of materials to use. We also provide warranties to ensure your protection. In cases where you find fault in our services, we repair them without any charges. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.
  • Our impeccable customer service will always answer all your questions in a friendly and detailed manner.
  • Our team has 15+ years of experience and knowledge!
  • We provide you with 24-hour service to attend to your needs. We have staff that works around the clock to ensure that all our clients are attended to.