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Flooring Installation in Los Angeles

At Melvin’s Hardwood Floors in Santa Monica, when it comes to flooring installation, we provide our clients with high quality service at competitive prices to give you maximum value. Premier hardwood flooring has the influence to change the tone, vibe and value of your space. It can provide a considerable amount of warmth, durability and classic style. Our friendly and professional experts at Melvin’s Hardwood Floors are committed to discovering the best flooring option to cater to the comfort and lifestyle of your home or business.

In our store, we offer a variety of wood flooring options with the upmost quality for our clients to choose from.
You can create a dark or light color scheme to suit the theme of your home or business.
We offer fair and reasonable prices to accommodate your budget.

Here are positive beneficial reasons why you should install hardwood flooring in your home or business:


Hardwood floors can last for many years. Over time, there is no other flooring material that can beat the durability and longevity of wood. Hardwood is by far the best flooring installation material for resilience and daily cleaning conveniences with a warm feel coupled with a classy clean look.

Feeling of Warmth

Hardwood floors are naturally warm which provides an earnest vibe for offices and homey feel for houses. The material is a good insulator due to the tiny chambers in every cubic inch which hold some heat.


With hardwood floors, you won’t need to worry about allergic reactions. Wood does not have hidden remnants of pollen, mold and animal dander. Those with environmental allergies will be able to breathe without the sniffles!

Easier to Clean

It’s efficient and easy to remain neat, clean and tidy with hardwood flooring compared to the tedious work of carpet cleaning.

Increase the Value of your Home

Investing in installing quality hardwood flooring can significantly increase the value of your home or office. This is especially beneficial for those who plan on selling their homes in the future. Melvin’s Hardwood Floors provides our customers with the top quality and service for installing hardwood flooring.


Thanks to Mother Nature, we have a wide variety of hardwood flooring material. There is a range of colors, broad width, wood grains and types of wood for you to pick and choose from. You will enjoy the benefit of having a unique hardwood floor choice catered to your home or office.

For the best hardwood flooring installation service in Los Angeles, please contact Melvin’s Hardwood Floors for pricing and more details.