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Wood Flooring Repairs and Replacements in Los Angeles

Melvin’s Hardwood Floor’s team of talented and experienced team is able to repair, refinish and restore worn out or damaged wood flooring to its original grandeur. We would love to solve all of your flooring repairs, replacements and dilemmas!

Wood is a great asset to have as flooring, but over time with the daily wear and tear, even excellent hardwood floors that were superbly installed, will experience the dullness and damage that comes with time. No need to worry, Melvin’s Hardwood Floor is here to save your precious hardwood floor from deterioration! Our expert staff member is professionally trained and have years of experience in handling all kinds of repairs and replacement for many types of hardware floors. In the assessment, we will inspect the damage with precise detail and determine the best repair options for you. Don’t wait until the condition of your wood floors are damaged beyond repair.

Melvin’s Hardwood Floors offer a full-service residential hardwood floor repair and replacement to restore your precious floor back to its youthful days. Call us today and we will make your hardwood floors good as new!

Signs You Need Hardwood Floor Repair/Replacement

Our Flooring Repairs and Replacement Services Include:

  • Waxing and Buffing
  • Replacing Planks and Boards
  • Filling Gouges with Wood Putty
  • Sanding
  • Resealing and Re-staining

An Uneven Floor Level

This is a bit trickier to check. Lie down on the hardwood floor from one end and observe the level from your side to the other end. Uneven floors appear to be wavy-looking. If this is the case, your floors may be in the warping phase which is telling that your floor can definitely benefit from a refinishing with a sealer to prevent further warping by locking the moisture out of it. This problem could be more serious than expected. Contact us for an in-house consultation!

Gouges, Dents and Scratches

Check the hardwood planks for them. If there are a good amount decorating your beautiful wooden floor, please call Melvin’s Hardwood Floors to request for an immediate quality refinishing. Be on the lookout for splinters sticking out which can be simultaneously dangerous and painful, that can be remedied by sanding before refinishing.